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Description The dholak is one of the most widely utilized drums in the folk music of India. It has also found a permanent home in most of the recording and broadcast environments. Applications range from dance music such as bhangra and garba to devotional bhajans and keertans.

The dholak is basically a double headed drum with the bass head on one side and the treble head on the other. The left hand is also a single membrane with a special application on the inner surface. This application is a mixture of tar, clay and sand (dholak masala) which lowers the pitch and provides a well defined tone. On the treble drum side, there is no putty added.

The nut and bolt version of the dholak is a more modern and better engineered version of the Dholak. Some even call this version a dholki.

Package Contains One Dholak 18 Bolt Tuned (Color May Dark/Light)
Size Dholak Wood : 16 Inches To 18 Inches.
Bass Side: 8 Inches To 9 Inches.
Treble Side: 6 Inches To 7 Inches.The sizes are approximate.Because this is a handmade product, sizes may fluctuate up to 1 or 2 inches.
Weight Dholak: 4 KG.

The weight is approximate. Because this is a handmade product, weight can fluctuate up to 1 KG.

Skill Level Professional
Handmade by Artisan of India
Product  Code MID-01
Product is Traditional Handmade Musical Instrument. Little Scratch may come


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